Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Curly Set

I finally did a curly set and it came out so cute. Someone in one of the lock groups I'm apart of suggested using pipe cleaners found at Wal-mart (in the arts and crafts section) and using them to do a curly set. They come about 100 in a package and the package is about $1-2. I did the set on dry hair or at least not dripping wet from a recent wash. The products I used were JML setting lotion and Knappy Scents which is a hair oil that I create. I started at the back of my head and worked my way to the top. I sprayed each section with KS and JML until damp, then starting with the tip of my locks I rolled them under on the pipe cleaner and then took the remaining part of the pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the rolled up section to secure the pipe cleaner. I hope that makes sense. It took me about 1.5 hours to roll my who head and then I sat under the hair dryer for about 45 min to an hour. I let my hair air dry for another 45 minutes while I got dressed and ready to go. I was really surprised and happy with the outcome, especially since it was my first time doing it. Since I started with the back, that part seemed to have the tighest curl giving me a bob type bouncy look. While I love the hairstyle, I have to admit that I was not prepared for how hot it was going to be having all that hair hanging and bouncing around in this Houston humidity. Everyday since I did the set my curls have been gradually falling but here I am right now 12 days later and I still have minor curls at the ends of my locks. I'm wondering how long I will have them or if I'll have to wash my hair to get the set out. Well enjoy the pics and until next time, be blessed!

curly set

This is the curly set pulled up with bangs


And this is the next day after my curls fell a smidget



Thandi said...

Lovely.Really beautiful. Then again, I love your locs anyway so I'm not exactly very subjective!

African Sunshine said...

This is my first time on your blog and I'm literally drooling over your locs. Gorgeous!!!
I have an appointment to have mine done this weekend and if they turn out half as good as yours I will be in heaven.

alicia banks said...


u and your locks are beautiful!


What started this journey...

My journey started on June 16, 2005 on what will always be known as the worst hair day of my knatural borne life and the day I made the best decision of my life. My 3 year old afro was not acting right and wasn't showing any signs of acting right soon. I brushed, plaited, twisted, oiled, washed, wrapped up and puffed, but all to no avail, when my BSF said the words I'll never forget. "Why don't we just lock up? I mean, you've been talking about it, and if you do it then I'll do it with you." Priceless words. Well, once we decided that we immediately went online, did our research and figured out how we were going to start them and with what product. I started my 4-5in. locks with two strand twist, using ORS lock and twist gel. You can view my journey at and see photos from before I started locking up until a few months ago. My regime has stayed pretty consistant over the years and that requires me to do a retwist every 3 to 4 weeks. I'll do a touch up on the front locks if I want to go an extra week without doing a full retwist. I'm currently palmrolling but I am research the nappy locs too to see how latching feels for me. I'd like to latch the back and continue to palm roll the front because I love the coiled retwist look that you don't get from the latch method. I'm coming upon my 3 year lockaversary and I want to do something special to my locks. A straw or roller set using pipe cleaners will probably be the next style that I attempt. I have everything I need I just have to actually sit down and do it.